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I. NEW: E-TOURIST VISA Scheme (eTV) for Mexican and Belizean Nationals (Earlier called Tourist Visa on Arrival-Electronic Travel Authorisation (TVOA-ETA) Scheme)

Government of India has introduced the Scheme of e-Tourist Visa service enabled with Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for citizens of 74 countries including Mexico and Belize for single entry short term visits up to 30 days to India for the sole objective of recreation, sight-seeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit.

The step is aimed at facilitating travel of foreign nationals to India for tourism, casual business and other similar purposes and avoid problems in obtaining visas for travel to India at short notice. In particular, the Mexican and Belizean citizens residing outside Mexico City will not have to travel to or send their passports and visa applications to the Embassy of India in Mexico City.

Under the Scheme, the applicants have to apply online and make payment for the visa fees (US$ 48.00./- only) electronically through credit/debit card at least four working days before the date of arrival in India. The applicants will then receive an ‘Electronic Travel Authorization’ or electronic visa (e-visa) within 72 hours at their registered email account, which along with a return ticket or onward journey ticket will enable them to travel to India. 

The eTV will allow entry into India within 30 days from the date of approval of ETA and this will be valid for 30 days stay in India from the date of arrival in India. The facility will be limited to two occasions in one calendar year. The tourists will have to enter India from one of the following nine (9) international airports - Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram. However, they can leave India from any authorised Immigration Check Post in India.

Note: Visitors going to India for purposes of employment, conference, regular business, studies, research, training courses etc are not covered by the eTV Scheme. Similarly, visitors intending to stay in India for more than 30 days stay or requiring more than one entry in India (in case of visit to neighboring countries of India) or proposing to enter India through an Airport other than the 9 named above or through a land border post or a sea port (in case of travel aboard cruise ships) are not covered by the eTV Scheme. Persons in all such categories  must apply to the Embassy of India for a Regular Visa.  

The eligibility criteria for applying for the Visa on Arrival and other details can be seen at the following website:

II. How to make Visa Application
• (a) Mexican and Belizean nationals meeting the criteria of eTV (as in I above) should apply online under this Scheme through the website:

• (b) Other applicants (visiting India for purposes other than those specified in the eTV Scheme or who require stay of more than 30 days or make multiple journeys to India or enter into India from a check post other than the 9 designated international airports) have to fill up an online regular visa application form. They are required to obtain an online appointment for submission of application, passport and supporting documents at the Embassy. Persons with nationalities other than Mexican or Belizean must be regular residents (and not short term visitors) of Mexico or Belize.

The requisites for the application are as follows:

  • (i) Duly filled in Application form (click here) signed by the applicant on both the pages at the spaces provided. (In case of a Minor applicant, both parents need to sign on both the pages).
  • (ii) Necessary supporting documents (Please see the Types of Visa below for specific requisites for each category of visa).
  • (iii) The passport in original, with a minimum remaining validity of six months from the proposed date of entry/exit from India. 
  • (iv) Two recent photographs, in colour, 5 cm X 5 cm (2” x 2” inches), one pasted on the visa application form at the space provided and the other securely stapled. 
  • (v) Applicable visa fees in cash in Mexican Pesos only.
  • (vi) Copy of ID card (IFE, Driving License) for Mexican nationals.
  • (vii) Copy of FM2 or FM3 for foreign nationals. 

(c ) Applicants living outside Mexico City (who do not fulfill the criteria for issuance of eTV) and in Belize may send their application to the Embassy by Post, for attention of the Consular Section, along with the applicable fees by two separate bank certified cheques in the name of `Embajada de la República de la India ́ for the applicable visa fees (details given below) and the ICWF charge (Mex Pesos 25/- only) respectively, as well as a pre-paid courier slip and an envelope with applicant's complete address.

III: Important information about the Indian visa

  • (i) Visas are issued only at the Embassy of India, Mexico City.
  • (ii) Mexican Diplomatic and Official passport holders do not need visa to travel to India for visits up to 90 days.
  • (iii) Receipt of documents for visa & consular services: Mondays to Fridays, 9:30 to 12:30 hrs.
  • (iv) Fees is acceptable in cash in Mexican Pesos only.
  • (v) For other than Mexican and Belizean passports-holders issue of visas takes up to four additional working days. These applicants need to pay an additional processing fees of Mexican Pesos 70 only. This amount can be added to the visa application fees.
  • (vi) The validity of the visa counts from the date of issue and not from the date of entry into India.
  • (vii) Visa may be refused without assigning any reason. Visa fee once received is not refunded even if the visa application is withdrawn or visa not granted. The Embassy also reserves to itself the right to decide on the type and duration of the visa granted.
  • (viii) Change of purpose of visit to India is usually not permitted upon reaching India. In particular, tourist visa can neither be extended nor can it be converted to any other kind of visa after reaching India. It is advisable to apply for the correct type of visa in the first instance.
  • (ix) Compulsory Registration for Long-term Stay: A foreigner who intends to stay in India for more than 180 days on a single visit, needs to register himself / herself with the concerned Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of his / her first arrival in India. Pakistani Nationals are required to register within 24 hours and Afghanistan Nationals are required to register within 7 days of their arrival in India. Children below 16 years of age do not require registration on any type of visa. For further details regarding the FRRO’s procedures, forms etc, please visit the website of Bureau of Immigration of the Government of India.
  • (x) It has been decided by the Government of India to introduce the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) scheme in the Embassy of India, Mexico City with effect from 1st April 2014. Accordingly, M$ 25.00 will be charged as ICWF contribution charges for each application for visa.
  • (xi) The travel agency called “TRAMITE DE VISAS” (owned by Mr. Luis Antonio Castanon Brito), located at Mapimi #31-9, Col. Valle Gomez, Delegacion Cauhtemoc, Mexico D.F. 06240, has been debarred from transacting any business with this embassy. Applications for visas or any other service submitted through “TRANMITE DE VISAS”/Mr. Luis Antonio Castanon will not be accepted in this embassy.

IV. Types of Visa
Tourist Visa (T) : Multy-entry, valid for 6 months up to 5 years, (5-yrs visa is subject to approval) it is non-extendable and non-convertible to other types of visas. Proof of financial solvency and confirmed return tickets may be required. TOURIST VISA FAQ : (Click here)

Business Visa (B) : Multy-entry, valid for 6 months up to 5 years, (5- yrs visa is subject to approval) it is non-extendable and granted for short visits for doing business or attending business meetings/negotiations. Seeking employment on a business visa is illegal. Additional requirements for a business visa are: i) a formal, signed, invitation letter (no email communication etc.) from the Indian company, on the company's letterhead, referring to the applicant's passport details and indicating the duration for which the visa is needed, ii) on request, a copy of the Indian company's Letter of Incorporation/Memorandum of Article / Memorandum of Association/Registration with Registrar of Companies/ any other proof of being legally registered, and iii) a letter from the company which the applicant represents, detailing the company's activities and the business interests in India.

Employment Visa (E ): Valid initially for one year; subject to certain conditions, can later be extended by a Foreigners ́ Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India if the job contract continues. Spouse and children get co-terminus visas. The following supporting documents are required: i) a formal appointment letter (no email communication etc.) from the company / organization in India to be submitted with the application form, ii) evidence of financial arrangements for stay in India, iii) the original contract for employment (along with its photocopy), iv) a formal, signed letter on the Indian company / organization concerned on its letterhead, addressed to the Embassy`s Consular Section, detailing the reasons/ justifications of the employment, also referring to the applicant's passport details and the duration for which the visa is needed, and v) on request, a copy of the Indian company's Letter of Incorporation/ Memorandum of Article/Memorandum of Association/Registration with Registrar of Companies/ any other proof of being legally registered with the relevant body in India. Employment Visa FAQ : (Click here)

Students Visa (S) : Multy-entry student visa is issued to bona fide students to pursue regular studies at recognized educational institutions in India, the validity of the visa depending upon the duration of the course. A letter confirming admission from such a recognized educational institution along with evidence of financial arrangements for stay in India should accompany the application. In case of admission in medical or para-medical courses in India, a letter of approval or No Objection Certificate from Ministry of Health, New Delhi, is also required. Likewise for admission in graduate or post-graduate courses in Engineering or Technical Institutions in India, a letter of approval or a No Objection from Ministry of Human Resources Development (Department of Education), New Delhi, is required.

Research Visa (R) : Research visa is granted on an ad hoc, case by case basis, with validity as per the research project requirements. Before applying, the applicants must first contact the Embassy to discuss their research proposal. The application needs to be accompanied by certain supporting documents: i) a formal admission letter (no email communication etc.) from a recognized institution or college, ii) evidence of financial arrangements for stay in India, and iii) for research with a technical institute such as in medical and para-medical or engineering field, clearance from Indian Ministry concerned (Ministry of Health / Ministry of Human Resources). For research not, in a university/ institution of higher learning, but with a commercial organization, the following would be required: i) a formal invitation letter (no email communication etc.) from the organization/ institution concerned, ii) evidence of financial arrangements for stay in India, iii) a letter from the organization/institution addressed to the Embassy of India explaining the research, its envisioned scope and purpose and recommending the applicant for a Research visa, also referring to the applicant's passport details. Research visas issue may take up to three months and should be applied for well in time.

Journalist Visa (J) : Journalist visa is given to a professional journalist or photographer for a three-month stay in India. Foreign journalists desiring to go to India on long term assignments (i.e to be based in India) should fill up the online form ( http : under New users- select option - " I am applying through Indian Mission abroad ") for issuance of PIB accreditation cards simultaneously with submission of their " J " visa applications. For making a documentary in India, the Embassy should be contacted first for discussion.

Conference Visa (C) : Conference is granted on a case by case basis, with ad hoc validity. The application needs to be submitted along with the following: i) a formal invitation letter (no email communication etc.) from the organization / institution concerned, ii) a letter from the organization / institution addressed to the Embassy with details of the conference and recommending the applicant for Conference visa, also referring to the applicant's passport details. Depending on the type of conference, the processing may take up to 3-4 weeks, and therefore it is advisable to apply well in time.

Transit Visa (TR): For the sole purpose of enabling the holder to travel through India, valid for direct transit for a maximum period of 3 days; ordinarily valid for single/double journey and for entry within 15 days of the date of issue. Confirmed airline ticket for onward journey and valid visa for final destination are required.

Entry Visa (X : Applicable for people of Indian origin or persons married to Indian nationals, with validity from 1-5 years, with multiple entries. It is extendable in India. Entry visa is also issued for learning Yoga/Vedic culture in recognised institutions. All Indian origin people should apply for this visa when going to visit their relatives and friends in India along with tourism.

Project Visa (P) : Multy-Entry Project Visa is issued to foreign nationals coming to India for execution of projects in the power and steel sectors. The Project Visa would be project-specific and would be issued based on submission of the relevant documents, clearly establishing that the project/ contract has been assigned to a particular Foreign Company by the Indian Company/Organization concerned. Project Visa would be issued only for skilled/highly skilled person on a separate application form. Project Visa application form (click here).

Foreign nationals intending to visit India for commissioning surrogacy
The foreign nationals visiting India for commissioning surrogacy should obtain a MEDICAL VISA (and not Tourist Visa). Foreigners coming to India on wrong category of visa will be liable for action for violation of visa conditions. Medical visa for surrogacy visa will only be granted if the following conditions are fulfilled:-
i. The foreign man and woman are duly married and the marriage should have sustained atleast for two years.

ii. A letter from the Embassy of the foreign country in India or the Foreign Ministry of the country should be enclosed with the Visa application stating clearly that (a) the country recognizes surrogacy and (b) the child/children to be born to the commissioning couple through the Indian surrogate mother will be permitted entry into their country as a biological child/children of the couple commissioning surrogacy.

iii. The couple will furnish an undertaking that they would take care of the child/children born through surrogacy. iv. The treatment should be done only at one of the registered ART(Assisted Reproductive Technology) clinics recognized by ICMR(Indian Council of Medical Research).

v. The couple should produce a duly notarized agreement between the applicant couple and the prospective Indian surrogate mother. If any of the above conditions are not fulfilled, the visa application shall be rejected. The commissioning couple should note that before leaving India for their return journey, ‘exit’ permission from FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office)/FRO(Foreigners’ Registration Office) would be required. Before granting ‘exit’, the FRRO/FRO will see whether the foreign couple is carrying a certificate from the ART clinic concerned regarding the fact that the child/children have been duly taken custody of by the foreigner and that the liabilities towards the Indian surrogate mother have been fully discharged as per the agreement. A copy of the birth certificate(s) of the surrogate child/children will be retained by the FRRO/ FRO along with photocopies of the passport and visa of the foreign parents.

Notes :

1. Higher Business Visa Fees for nationals of some countries:
The following rates of visa fee for business visa would be applicable (On areciprocal basis) to the nationals of : Australia, Czech Republic, Ecuador,France, Iran, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Arabia, Thailand, Ukraine, U.A.E., U.K., and USA

2. Higher Employment Visa Fees for nationals of some countries :

The following rates of visa fee for Employment visa would be applicable (On a reciprocal basis) to the nationals of : Australia, Austria, Canada,Denmark, France, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Norway,Portugal, Thailand, Turkey, U.A.E., U.K., and USA.

3. Gratis Visa for nationals of some countries:

Nationals of Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, South Africa, and Uruguay are issued Indian visa without visa fee on gratis basis. Only aprocessing fee of 70 Pesos will be charged.

4. Separate rates of visa fee for Sri Lankan nationals:

5. Separate rates of Visa Fees for Mozambique Nationals :

6. Separate visa fees rates for Russian nationals :

For all types of visas

7. Nationals of Japan, Pakistan, Rumania, Russia, and Sri Lanka need to apply in the Embassy personally for all types of visa.

8. US citizens are required to pay US$ 20 or 280 Pesos as service charge in addition to other applicable fees.

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