ITEC Day 2015 was celebrated at India House in Mexico City on 5 October 2015

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The Indian Technical & Economic Co-operation (ITEC) Day 2015 was celebrated at India House in Mexico City on 5 October 2015. In his remarks, Ambassador Sujan Chinoy spoke of the origins of the ITEC programme in 1964, and its growth and success over the years, encompassing sharing of India's best practices and technical know-how today with around 160 countries. Under the ITEC programme, which aims at capacity building, India offers scholarships to foreigners to go to India, where about 47 recognised institutes in India offer around 280 courses in fields including auditing, accounting, IT, telecommunications, banking, finance, rural development, environment and renewable energy, English language and many others. India also offers technical assistance, disaster relief, deputation of experts and conducts feasibility studies under the ITEC programme, on which the Government of India has cumulatively spent about US $ 2 billion since the inception of the programme. The annual budget of the ITEC programme today has grown to about US $100 million. India offers several scholarships to Mexico and Belize under the ITEC programme, and the alumni has gone up over the past several decades. India is also training illiterate Mayan women from Mexico and Belize at the Barefoot College in Jaipur under the ITEC programme, to become Solar Engineers (Abuelas Solares) for remote communities that have no electricity. The event at India House was attended by ITEC alumni and their families, as well as officials, academics and envoys of several countries where the ITEC programme is being implemented.

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